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VIDEO: Viridiana Álvarez, the Mexican who conquered the 3 highest mountains in the world

Viridiana is a Mexican and Latin American mountaineer who has conquered the top of the four highest mountains in the world and also holds the Guinness Record for the time she ascended Mount Everest.

Does a vegetarian association ask that animal biscuits be banned?

The fake news claimed that The Vegan Society asked for animal-shaped food to be banned because it makes people feel superior to the animal kingdom.

The 5 lessons that the Titanic left us to face crises

On a day like today, but 109 years ago, the Titanic sank. The tragedy of the famous ocean liner gives us lessons to protect ourselves from mistakes.

VIDEO: Despite the pandemic, health is still a limited right, says Juana Ramírez

We spoke with the founder of Soluciones Hospitalarias Integrales (SOHIN) and president of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Mexico (ASEM), about the obstacles that entrepreneurs will face in the New Normal.

How to overcome a crisis according to a survivor of the Andes plane crash

Carlitos Páez resisted 72 days in the Andes mountain range along with his friends, after his plane crashed. After facing the worst crisis of her life and making tough decisions to move forward, today she is dedicated to inspiring people around the world.

Today is Taco Day! Everything you need to know to succeed with this dish

Is it worth starting with this dish in a country where there are 1.6 million tacos? The simplest answer: Yes.

12 Hidden Functions of WhatsApp

Do you need to know what time your message was read or hide your last connection? We tell you how.

4 Keys for Selling to Gen Z

These young people, who make up 25.9 percent of the world's population, are not interested in brands that want to be protagonists.

12 Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs Who Are Giving Free Talks This Week

This week we celebrate International Women's Day and to commemorate it, Entrepreneur en Español will have live talks every night with a woman who is breaking the rules. See you at 7pm!

About 59.3% of MSMEs in Latin America Are Managed by Women

Costa Rica is the Latin American country that stands out the most in having women leading the management and administration of an SME with 65.9 percent.

He Sacrificed the Job He Loved to Pursue His Passion. Today he's returning green areas to cities.

Daniel Gómez-Bilbao began buying pots and plants for his house, but now he is in charge of Huatan, an urban landscaping firm.

This Is the Year When We Will Travel Again According to Bill Gates

The billionaire called for the vaccines to be distributed quickly to poor countries as well.