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Xiye Bastida, the Mexican ecologist who claimed world leaders

An ally of Greta Thunberg, Xiye questioned world governments for perpetuating and defending the harmful systems of colonialism and oppression.

VIDEO: Thus the hail caused the collapse of the roof of the Templo Mayor

Although the rain was long awaited to combat the drought in the country, the storm caused the fall of the metal structure on the Casa de las Águilas.
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This entrepreneur created cardboard crutches that could support 150 kg and cost 40 pesos

Rafael Riego received third place in the 2019 James Dyson Award for this innovation.
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Pride: Don Maximino, 71, created solar stoves that do not pollute

We tell you how it works and where to buy it.

How many chili peppers does Mexico have? We tell you what they are for (besides being delicious)

There is no Mexican food without chili peppers, but this variety of pepper is also used in the military, tobacco, agriculture and even cosmetics industries.

Students' Groundbreaking Project Converts Dirty Water Into Fuel

Two students in Mexico have developed a prototype that filters dirty water and turns it into hydrogen.
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Today is Inventor's Day and we remember Guillermo González Camarena, creator of color television

Did you know that González Camarena also composed beautiful songs?

When You'll Be Able to See the Astronomical Phenomenon That Hasn't Happened Since the Middle Ages

Jupiter and Saturn will have a unique alignment for just five days for the first time in 800 years.

Marco Antonio Solís inaugurates his hotel and people baptize it as the 'Bukinham Palace'

"El Buki" announced the opening of the Hotel Mansión Solís.
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Meet Leydy Pech, the Mayan Woman Who Stopped Monsanto and Won the 'Nobel For the Environment'

This Mayan woman from Campeche is a beekeeper and defender of indigenous rights and Melipon bees.
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Dinoquesadillas: The Story of a Young Woman From Coahuila Who Went Viral With Her Creativity

Are quesadillas with cheese or without cheese? What difference does it make! Learn about the story of Abraham Padilla, who innovated this Mexican dish.

Let's make the country stand out! Vote for Mexico Unknown's digital tourism innovations!

Four Mexican digital tourism innovation projects participate in the LatamDigital Awards. We tell you where you can vote.

Isabel Marant accused of plagiarizing Purépecha textiles

This is the second time the French designer has been accused of plagiarizing Mexican textile designs.
Day of the Dead

Celebrate from home and compete in Foto Calavera 2020!

The Photo Skull 2020 contest seeks that smells and images are a tribute to our loved ones. Participate and win these prizes!

Tennis inspired by Day of the Dead? This is the new Nike collection

The models refer to two elements present in Mexican offerings: papel picado and marigold flowers.