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Lilí Ledy, the legendary Mexican toy brand that died for a union in 1985

This factory produced in national territory some of the most emblematic figures in the toy world.

Tequila, Jalisco, is certified as the first Smart Tourist Destination in Mexico and Latin America

To receive this certification, it was necessary to consider five pillars of tourism management in Tequila, Pueblo Mágico de Jalisco.

This is the story of how La Michoacana was born out of an economic crisis

This paletería has become famous in Mexico for its cold desserts for several decades.

The entrepreneur who made soaps, created the soda Yoli and named it after his daughter

. It all started in 1918 as a small local business in Taxco, her name was 'La Vencedora'.

The Mexican computer that could be as big as IBM or Apple

Printaform released such a novel computer in the 1980s that it shook IBM and Apple. Everything was going well until fate changed.

Mexican pride! They believe in the UNAM antimicrobial mask that kills the coronavirus, see where to buy it

Dr. Sandra Rodil and her team of researchers from UNAM created the 'SakCu', an antimicrobial mask that kills the coronavirus that causes Covid-19, and they are almost ready to go on sale!

Xbox collaborates with artisans from the original peoples of Mexico to intervene three unique game controls

Xbox Mexico wanted to enhance the history, customs and traditions by decorating these controls as if they were handicrafts.

Right in nostalgia: The funniest ads in the history of Mexico

We present to you some of the funniest and most unusual commercials of the last century.

The Ministry of Culture claims for the Moneyman commercial that made fun of the Voladores de Papantla

Arath de la Torre participated in the announcement of the Spanish company that made fun of this Mexican tradition.

6 tips for safe sightseeing

We share some safety tips so you can enjoy your next getaways to the fullest.

Trouble times with bread are lesser? They create a loaf in honor of the Puebla sinkhole

A group of entrepreneurs took advantage of the virality with a thematic bread with the phrase "Memory of the Socavón".

When is Father's Day 2021?

We tell you why Father's Day is celebrated in Mexico on the third Sunday in June.

Cherán, home of the largest rainwater collector in Latin America

The town that expelled politicians and loggers from their territory today has one of the most important environmental projects in the region.

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