Mike Hogan

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Speak & Dial

Will cell phone voice recognition catch on?

Balance of Power

Low energy costs and falling prices are on your side if you choose LCDs over CRTs.

Now on DVD!

A feature drive . . . starring your PC backup and graphic-heavy presentations

Gear 10/01

Transferring handwritten notes to your handheld and backing up your hard drive through photography

Cashing In

Do you want to hand over your online purse strings to Microsoft?

Safe House

Online data storage ain't free anymore, but your company still needs it.

The Penguin's Revenge

Look out, Microsoft. Linux may soon power more servers than you.

The Respect of Your Peers?

Peer-to-peer computing is coming, But is it good for your company?

Why Wi-Fi?

Because the computer industry is (and you soon will be) going wild over this newest way to access networks wirelessly

Out With The Old

You can't just throw your old PCs away-for one thing, they contain harmful chemicals. So how do you get rid of them?

Rage Against The Machine

LoveBugs, Qaz and the Attack of the Zombie PCs-who's your friend in cyberspace? Nobody.

On The Runway

Like the fashion world's avant-garde clothing, new concept PCs using Intel's latest technologies offer a sneak peak at what's to come.

Microsoft's Next Conquest

Will .NET conquer the Net?

Found In Cyberspace

Where's that phone number, address, budget, important memo? Everywhere-at least with an online data storage solution.

Of Mobile Birth

Will PDAs commingle with cell phones to form a go-anywhere, do-anything handheld hybrid?