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Sibongiseni Mbatha's Success Lessons

As the president of the Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals (ABSIP), Sibongiseni Mbatha has learnt that true success can only be achieved when people take responsibility for their actions, respect each other, and work collectively to achieve a common goal.

The 5 Rules That Took Shameem Kumandan From Small Business To High-Growth Company

Shameem Kumandan has gone from a small-business owner to a high-growth entrepreneur by shifting her mindset and following five simple rules for growth.

Making A Habit Of Success

The battle to become a success is fought in the mind. That's where success is won or lost. Are you training your mind to support your success - or sabotaging it?

How Two Durban-Based Entrepreneurs Have Found Their Niche

Launching a business is all about recognising a gap in the market - and then capitalising on it.

How Keri Stroebel Found Her Entrepreneurial Feet

With no pageanting experience, Keri Stroebel entered Mrs South Africa in 2016 to do something different and combat her post-partum depression. The experience changed her life, giving her the direction she'd been looking for.

5 Ways The Founders Of Zang Chocolate Launched a New Product In a Highly Competitive Market

Bringing a new product to the FMCG market is tough. You need the right product, partners and mindset. Here's how the founders of Zang are getting it right.

4 Steps To Sustainable Growth

Super Group CEO Peter Mountford unpacks the four steps that brought Super Group out from massive debt and into cash-positive profitability.

How A Local Entrepreneur Launched Her Business In France With Zero Funds

Sometimes the only way to live your dreams is to leap first, and then find the idea that will make your entrepreneurial goals come true. Mahadi Granier is living proof that where there's a will, there's a way.

How Sisa Ngebulana Built SA's First Black-Managed Listed Property Fund

When Sisa Ngebulana left Mthatha to pursue his dreams he had high aspirations for himself. He didn't know what path his career would take, but he did know he wanted to achieve greatness. When he listed Rebosis Property Fund in 2011, it was the first black-managed and substantially held property fund to be listed on the JSE. He is also the founder and CEO of Billion Group, a commercial and retail property developer that will spend in excess of R35 billion over the next ten years on its current projects.

How Peter Mountford Took Super Group From Dire Straits To Profitability

When Peter Mountford joined Super Group as CEO in 2009, the company was in dire straits. It was losing R1,5 billion per annum and had debt of R4,3 billion. Today it's a profitable, cash positive business once again, with a turnover of R30 billion expected in 2017 and a market cap of R12 billion. Here's how a failing behemoth found its feet, got back on track, and turned a profit.

Connecting To Your Higher Purpose

The NGO space isn't easy. It's a constant uphill battle to connect scarce resources with the vulnerable. Annelise de Jager has persevered in this space because she's tapped into her personal purpose and values.

Why Rapper Slikour Believes That If You Dream It, You Can Be It

Rapper and entrepreneur Slikour believes his success is the result of one key element: The aspiration to make something of himself, and create a platform for his voice to be heard. Now he's bringing that mindset to South Africa's black urban youth.

Startup Lessons From 22-Year Old Designer, Art Viljoen

22-year-old Art Viljoen doesn't want to build an empire; he's using entrepreneurship as a means to follow his dream and become a world-renowned designer.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Live It

Joyce Mnguni has built her dream business by taking leaps out of her comfort zones, again and again and again… and she's never regretted a single decision.

Matsi Modise's Secret To Staying Uber Productive

Matsi Modise isn't just managing multiple networks; she's a productivity powerhouse.