Nadine von Moltke-Todd

Nadine von Moltke-Todd

Editor-in-Chief: South Africa

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4 Ways to Fast-Track Your Start-Up Success

Greg Tinkler shares his lessons in launching and scaling a new product-based business in a short time frame.

How Your Wealth Mentality Impacts Your Relationship with Money

If you want to achieve long-term wealth, how you think about money is just as important as what your do with it.
Growth Strategies

How Khudusela Pitje Has Built a R1,6 Billion Business

From his first pay cheque of R1 250 per month to spearheading a R1,6 billion turnover business that in many ways is still just getting started, here's how Khudusela Pitje is laying the foundations of exponential growth.
Start Your Own Import/Export

How Uzair Essack Found His Niche in Exporting

Uzair Essack founded CapeCrops because he wanted to earn in foreign currencies and access wider markets. This is his advice on starting an export business.
Success Mindset

How To Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants To Become Great

Executive coach Erik Kruger wants to be South Africa's top coach and speaker. He's well on his way to achieving his vision because he fosters a success mindset and is focused on learning from the world's top experts.

Speculation Might Make You Wealthy – Patient Investments Definitely Will

Independent financial planner Brendan Dunn unpacks the value of smart investment decisions and patience in long-term wealth planning.

How to Grow Your Business as an Exporter

Many local manufacturers have achieved unimagined heights of growth and success by exporting their products. Here's how to get started and succeed in foreign markets.
Success Mindset

Erik Kruger's Lessons in Becoming the Best Version of You

Entrepreneurs who function at an optimal level don't develop a high-performance state of mind by accident. They learn to focus, build on their experiences and open themselves up to self-development.
Growth Strategies

How Tim Legg and Deseré Orrill Brought Their R120-million Business Back From the Brink of Collapse

Hitting a R100-million turnover doesn't mean the challenges are behind you. Growth comes with its own problems. Tim Legg and Deseré Orrill had to overcome the impossible to build a better, more sustainable business.
Leadership Qualities

How to Become an Authentic Leader

Integrate your head with your heart and watch the results flow in.

Become 40% More Productive

Top performing organisations get more done by 10am on a Thursday than most companies achieve in a full week. Bain & Co partner, Michael Mankins reveals their secret to success.
Growth Strategies

The Leadership Lessons That Have Helped Bevan Ducasse Build a R100-Million Business

Bevan Ducasse launched wiGroup from a flat in Cape Town. Over the past ten years he's needed to grow into a leader who had a team of four, to a leader who can head of a high-growth organisation.
Growth Strategies

You've Built a Successful Business. Now, How Big Can You Take It?

Allon Raiz has built the most successful business prosperator on the African continent, but he's not resting on his laurels. His focus is aggressive scale. This is how he's doing it.
Startup Funding

How Yoco Raised R300 Million in VC Funding

Yoco entered the market in 2015. In 2018, the founders raised R248 million in Series B Funding. Here's how they've built a business that funders will back.
growth mindset

Rich Mulholland on Why You Need to Stop Being Satisfied and Start Getting Hungry

Is it possible to stay passionate after decades in an industry? As it turns out, the answer is yes – as long as you're finding new ways to fuel your fire. As Rich Mulholland is discovering, sometimes that also means handing over the reigns of the business you started and nurtured for years to launch something new.