Nadine von Moltke-Todd

Nadine von Moltke-Todd

Editor-in-Chief: South Africa

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Startup Basics

5 Lessons to Take Your Start-up to Scale-up

Through Property Point, Shawn Theunissen and Desigan Chetty have worked with more than 170 businesses to help them scale. Here's what your start-up should be focusing on, based on what they've learnt.

Vusi Thembekwayo's 7 Rules of Pitching

If you want to build an investable business and land funding, you need to understand the landscape. Vusi Thembekwayo unpacks how smart businesses attract investors.

Three Key Startup Lessons from DJ Dimplez

From a student DJ to the founder of Pop Bottles, Tumi Mooi aka DJ Dimplez is taking his brand from a national hip hop phenomenon to Africa, starting with his first Mauritian event. Here are the three key start-up lessons he's learnt to get him there.
Innovation Mentality

7 Ways To Stay Agile and Disruptive From Sasfin CEO, Michael Sassoon

Instead of following the bigger players in the banking industry, Sasfin is creating its own path, based largely on the mindset that bigger isn't always better. Michael Sassoon unpacks the thinking behind staying agile as well as building products and offering solutions that meet customer needs.
Growth Strategies

How OLC Went From R50 Million to R130 Million in 2 Years

When Offlimit Communications faced its first downturn after ten profitable years in business, its leadership team didn't even question that they would turn things around and make them better. Within six months they took the business from massive losses back to profitability, and a year later doubled their pre-losses turnover - all in the middle of a recession. Here's how they did it.
Entrepreneur Profiles

How Joshin Raghubar's Eagerness to Learn Has Helped Him Build a R115-Million Business

Joshin Raghubar started his career as an intern. He put up his hand for any job. Today he runs a R115 million business and continues to launch companies, and he still believes the ingredient to greatness starts with always showing up.

10 SA Entrepreneurs Who Built Their Businesses From Nothing

Remarkable stories about local entrepreneurs who built big businesses and well-known brands up from humble beginnings.
Growth Strategies

Fedgroup Isn't Following the Traditional Rules. Here's Why.

As an independent financial services provider, Fedgroup can focus on customer-service, innovation and staying agile. John Field unpacks why this is so critical in today's business landscape.

9 Business Lessons From Danny K

Danny K may be working on his next album, but he's also planning to dominate the business landscape. Here's how he's mixing music lessons with business acumen.
Higher Purpose

Why Living Your Purpose Will Lead to Success

As an organisation, Woman of Stature believes that the ideals of success mindset and living your purpose are shaping a new breed of empowered women.
Growth Strategies

How Brand Cartel's Founders Survived Their Start-up Years to Master Exponential Growth

Marco Ferreira, Renate Albrecht and Dillon Warren launched Brand Cartel because they wanted to go to work each day with people they liked and trusted in a workspace that mirrored their values. It's taken five years, but they've built a through-the-line agency that delivers exactly what they wanted - and has grown exponentially as a result.
Success Stories

How Tim Hogins Went From Security Guard to Theme Park Mogul

As a poor township kid, Tim Hogins watched kids pile into buses heading to Sun City every weekend, knowing he couldn't afford to join them. He was a youngster, but he made a promise to himself. One day he would build parks that anyone could visit - especially underprivileged kids like himself. It's taken almost 30 years to achieve that dream. Starting out as a security guard before moving into IT and then getting retrenched, Tim has built a business from nothing. But he had a dream, and he never let it waver. This is his story.

Kumaran Padayachee's Advice On How To Access Growth Funding

There's a big difference between funding that will help you grow your business, and trying to plug a self-inflicted cash flow problem. Kumaran Padayachee unpacks the difference, as well as what funders look for and how businesses can build better cash flow bases.
Growth Strategies

How Sureswipe Is Achieving Year-On-Year Double Digit Growth

In 2008, Sureswipe entered a highly commoditised and competitive market because Paul Kent knew he could deliver three critical things: A product and service to an overlooked and untapped market, an innovative business model that focused on service, and a cost-to-market below any of his competitors.
Stress Management

Why Stress Can Actually Be Good For You

For years we've been told how unhealthy stress can be and how important it is to manage our stress. Turns out, everything we thought we knew about stress might actually be wrong.