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Nadine von Moltke-Todd

Editor-in-Chief: South Africa

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Venture Capital

South African Venture Capitalist, Keet van Zyl, Unpacks How You Can Become Funding Ready

Keet van Zyl, one of South Africa's top Venture Capital investors unpacks what he looks for in a start-up, what your pitch deck should include, and the red flags that investors walk away from. Would your start-up make the cut?

How Grant Ponting Grew Trappers into a R300 Million Business

When Grant Ponting took over the Trappers franchise in 2003, he needed to build a strong, cohesive group geared for growth, win the trust of his franchisees and prove that business is better when you work together. Today, Trappers has 34 stores and a turnover of R300 million. Here's how.
Growth Strategies

How Pepe Marais and Gareth Leck Built, Sold and Bought Back South Africa's Largest Independent Agency, Joe Public

Pepe Marais and Gareth Leck sold Joe Public because they were young and excited. It would take them eight years to buy their business back. Today they're South Africa's largest independent agency, with a turnover of R700 million, and gross profits in excess of R200 million.
Lessons Learnt

Wes Boshoff's 7 Lessons In Reaching Your Business's Full Potential

As a start-up, does your vision push the boundaries? Are you putting everything you have into achieving something great? Here are seven lessons to help you (and your business) reach full potential.
Disruptive Mindset

Malcolm Gladwell's Lessons in Becoming the Disruptor – Not the Disrupted

What does it mean to navigate a disruptive world and succeed in a market-place that is changing faster than it's ever changed before?

Rapelang Rabana's 3 Lessons in Learning How To Innovate

To be a success in today's fast paced world, you need innovation at the heart of everything you do.
Life hacking

9 Ways To Get More Done in Less Time

Life-hacking is about accomplishing more in less time, with less stress, at a lower cost with the use of simple digital tools.
Hiring Employees

How to Hire (and Keep) the Best

Recruitment experts Donna Silver and Elvira Riccardi believe the future of your business's success lies in whether you're treating recruitment as a strategic imperative, and if you're upskilling your employees.
Growth Strategies

How Sam and Rob Paddock Sold GetSmarter for R1,4 Billion

What growth path did GetSmarter founders, Sam Paddock and Rob Paddock follow that allowed them to sell their business for R1,4 billion, and what can you learn from their journey?
Growth Strategies

How Xoliswa Daku Took Her Business From R18-million to R100-million in Under Four Years

Xoliswa Daku believes in creating wealth through property developments. This principle has been her guiding star, helping her take an R18 million business to R100 million in under four years.
Success Mindset

Billy Selekane on Becoming the Architect of Your Own Success

You're either a change-maker, or someone who is influenced by the shifting conditions around you. The truly successful know how to determine their own destinies. Here's how they do it.
Starting a Business

Are You Ready To Launch?

Are you dreaming about becoming an entrepreneur, but not sure whether you're ready to take the plunge? Some of the world's top entrepreneurs weigh in on what it takes to be a success.
Success Mindset

How a Success Mindset has Helped Grant Gavin Build a Billion-Rand Business

True success starts within. Are you willing and able to discover and pursue your passions, focus on self-development and always add more to the people and situations around you?
Customer Service

How to (Really) Make Customer Service Your Differentiator

Exceptional customer experiences are what differentiate the world's top performing brands from their competitors. Is it at the centre of your growth strategy?
Entrepreneur Profiles

How Robin Olivier Built a R240-million Business From R5 000

Robin Olivier launched his first business with two partners and R5 000 between them. Within ten years they'd built a R140-million organisation with 110 employees, but they didn't even have an HR manager. Good people were leaving, and Robin realised they needed to make some serious changes. Here's how those changes have almost doubled the business's turnover.