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Nadine von Moltke-Todd

Editor-in-Chief: South Africa

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Growth Strategies

5 Lessons in Growth From Erik Venter, Comair's CEO

From the serious boardrooms of Comair to the irreverent fun of kulula, Comair Limited's long-term vision and short-term strategies are designed to give customers the best experiences at competitive prices.
Growth Strategies

How Euphoria Telecom is Achieving 50% Year-On-Year Growth

The foundation of any great business is solving a need. That's step one. How you put your solution in place and support it in the market is what will ensure top and bottom line growth.

Zizipho Nyanga, CEO of the Masisizane Fund, on How Attitude Helps Business Owners Access Funding

Often, the difference between the super successful and their less fortunate counterparts is preparation. Being in the right place at the right time isn't luck - it's working towards a goal and ensuring that all the pieces come together.
Growth Strategies

How LAWTrust Went From R103 Million To R198 Million In 15 Months

Christi and Maeson Maherry took their R103 million business to a turnover of R198 million in just 15 months. How? With a strong vision, the right foundations in place, and the understanding that 'overnight' success is a ten-year journey. This is how they've built LAWTrust, an industry specialist that owns its niche, has created a highly defensible position for itself, and is now poised for global growth.
Growth Strategies

How Monalisa Zwambila Took Her Business From R18 Million To R80 Million In Under 4 Years

To build a great business that can grow from R18 million to R80 million in under four years takes strong foundations and a key purpose that employees and clients can believe in. Here's how Monalisa Zwambila learnt to articulate her vision to propel her company's growth.

How Michelle Royston Has Opened Four Salons In Under Two Years

And this is just the beginning. Here's how Michelle Royston has bootstrapped a Wax Bar Concept and is taking it to new heights.
Market Research

Using Research As Your Secret Start-up Weapon

If you want your start-up to blow the lights out, you need to become a student of your own company. There is nothing more valuable to success than actionable data.
Growth Strategies

Why Autotrader Ditched Its Top-Selling Print Products For Digital

Ten years ago, AutoTrader South Africa began a process that would radically transform the company's business model. It did so at the height of its print publication's success, and against the advice of highly paid consultants. The risk paid off. Today, is widely acknowledged as a disruptive tech leader.

5 Lessons From Shooshoos On Going Global

Great brands are built when the right product finds a strong market fit, and the business has a firm strategy and strong foundations in place. Here's how the owners of Shooshoos are taking a much-loved South African brand global.
Starting a Business

Vimala Ariyan's 5 Lessons in Startup Growth

Starting a business takes guts, focus and determination - and a lot of hard work. But get the basics right, and you can create something that makes a real difference in society.
Growth Strategies

The Business Case Behind Maboneng, Joburg's Inner-City Regeneration Project

Welcome to Maboneng, one of South Africa's most successful urban regeneration projects. R1 billion has already been invested into the area, with an estimated additional R1 billion-worth of developments planned to regenerate these areas nestled in the heart of Joburg's inner city.
Growth Strategies

Ten Growth Lessons From R175-Million Business, 99c

Entrepreneur Andrew Brand shares the ten lessons in growth that helped him build a R175-million business.
Growth Strategies

How Suits & Sneakers Is Becoming A Household Name In Entrepreneurial Circles

For many businesses, the biggest challenge is getting their message heard. Mark Sham is not only building a huge microphone to create awareness around his business, but he's forging a network of entrepreneurs and corporate businesses to champion the cause. Here's how he's doing it.
Entrepreneurial Dream

How Ramona Kasavan Achieved a Dream That was Bigger Thank Herself

Starting a business can be brutal. Your vision can take longer to materialise than you hoped, and you'll probably have to adjust your model along the way. Here are Ramona Kasavan's four pillars to a successful start-up that can change society as we know it.
Success Stories

The Last Thing We Want To Be Is Just Another Business

Andrew Brand calls it his 'art director MBA'. It's the lessons he's learnt building an advertising agency that cares more about customer supplier awards than glittering design awards. It's the foundation of a 300-employee strong business with a turnover in excess of R175 million that was launched because Checkers was willing to give a two-man agency a chance to prove itself. And it's how a business that was launched as the recession hit has not only survived, but thrived.