Nichole L. Torres

Nature vs. Nurture

Are entrepreneurs born or made?

It's in the Network

Get encouragement and advice from other entrepreneurial moms.

Secret Service

A stint in the underground can provide valuable training for restaurateurs.

Story Hour

Intrigue your audience by marketing with storytelling techniques.

Youth Group

Teenagers can be a good fit with your team--if you know what to look for.

Checking Your Lists

A book of 500 lists ensures small-business owners are covered.

Ready to Launch

Morph your invention from a concept into a company with these programs.

I See a Pattern

Sewing businesses are in stitches all the way to the bank.

Sole Saver

Even a one-person operation can enjoy the benefits of a 401(k) plan.

Unlock Ideas

Cash in on other people's patents.

Hot Topic

An entrepreneur's cool product receives a warm welcome on eBay.

Problem Solved

Think fast to be more innovative in your branding.
Starting a Business

Playing by the Government's Rules

Don't be scared by government regulations--just be prepared.

Protecting Your Business From Online Crooks

How to beat online fraudsters at their own devious game.
Starting a Business

Tried and True Business Ideas

Turn a classic business idea into your next big moneymaker.