Nichole L. Torres

Starting a Business

Get In the Game with Kids' Sports Education

Youth sports is a huge market, and this hot business idea could help you join it.
Starting a Business

Whip Up a Hot Kids' Cooking Business

Get cooking with this hot business idea: A kids" cooking company.
Starting a Business

Tutor Your Way to Profits

With parents wanting the best academic possibilities for their children, the kids' education and tutoring arena is ripe for new businesses.
Starting a Business

Hot Idea: Party Planning for Teens

Now that TV's Sweet Sixteen has shown teens how cool their parties can be, event and party planning for teens is a hot business.

Hot Market: Yoga Moms

Cash in by meeting the demands of discerning moms.

Alma Matters

Can your high school business make the transition to college?
Starting a Business

Find Your Inspiration

Let your passion for a business idea lead to entrepreneurial success.

Beyond the Books

Take advantage of the business resources your local library has to offer.
Starting a Business

Figuring Out Your Competive Advantage

Boost sales by selling customers on your competitive advantage.

Game On!

20 baseball bats spawned a fast-growing sporting goods store.

Full Speed Ahead

Turn your eBay hobby into a real business with advice from our experts.
Starting a Business

Licensing Your Product

If you've got a fab product but need help selling it, look into licensing.
Starting a Business

Lowering Startup Costs

Control your startup costs with a few simple measures.
Growth Strategies

Increase Business With International Customers

...One product at a time. Boost business with a global customer base.
Starting a Business

Dealing With Startup Change

Even a solid business plan can't stop the inevitable. How will you deal?