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Starting a Business

Get In the Game with Kids' Sports Education

Youth sports is a huge market, and this hot business idea could help you join it.
Starting a Business

Whip Up a Hot Kids' Cooking Business

Get cooking with this hot business idea: A kids" cooking company.
Starting a Business

Tutor Your Way to Profits

With parents wanting the best academic possibilities for their children, the kids' education and tutoring arena is ripe for new businesses.
Starting a Business

Hot Idea: Party Planning for Teens

Now that TV's Sweet Sixteen has shown teens how cool their parties can be, event and party planning for teens is a hot business.

Hot Market: Yoga Moms

Cash in by meeting the demands of discerning moms.

Find Your Inspiration

Let your passion for a business idea lead to entrepreneurial success.

Beyond the Books

Take advantage of the business resources your local library has to offer.

Figuring Out Your Competive Advantage

Boost sales by selling customers on your competitive advantage.

Alma Matters

Can your high school business make the transition to college?

Game On!

20 baseball bats spawned a fast-growing sporting goods store.

Full Speed Ahead

Turn your eBay hobby into a real business with advice from our experts.

Licensing Your Product

If you've got a fab product but need help selling it, look into licensing.

Lowering Startup Costs

Control your startup costs with a few simple measures.

Get Schooled

Now that you know you can learn to be an entrepreneur, the annual ranking of entrepreneurship programs from The Princeton Review and <i>Entrepreneur</i> magazine shows you which schools get students into the entrepreneurial spirit.

Increase Business With International Customers

...One product at a time. Boost business with a global customer base.