The TikTok signal that went viral and saved a woman from being kidnapped

The sign was first introduced last year by the Canadian Women Foundation and was created to be used when a person needs to discreetly ask for help or show they are in danger.

Britney Spears Is (Almost) Free! Her Father, Jamie Spears, Resigned From Being Her Guardian After 13 Years

The #FreeBritney movement appears to be paying off, as Britney Spears' father has finally agreed to step down as' The Princess of Pop 'tutor after 13 years of absolute control over her life, career and fortune.

Shein opens a pop-up store in CDMX

The China-based retail store seeks to attract more customers during the Hot Sale.

Do You Know Why Our Vitamin D Decreases During the Winter Months?

It is important to consume this vitamin to keep our bodies healthy.

Pantone seeks to normalize menstruation and presents the 'Red period' as the official color

The period color seeks to break the taboos that people have when talking about the menstrual cycle.

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