P. Kelly Smith

The Kindest Cut

Sure, Oprah cut the feet off her pantyhose, but she's not the one making money off 'em.

Nice Threads

She designs 'em. Amish women hand-stitch 'em. And each of these quilts goes for more than $2,000.

Tracy Graivier Bell & Robin Oldham

Both 38, founders of Smashing Times Inc. in Dallas

For Just Peanuts?

No way! These brothers sell much more than boiled nuts to their hard-core Southern-food fans.

Calendar 8/01

Check out these trade shows, expos and seminars.

Need Some Cash?

Cash Plus asks that question of its potential franchisees--and charities.

Send 'Em Packin'

Kids empty out their dorm rooms every year. Thanks to this guy, they have a place to keep their stuff.

Entrepreneur Joyce Bosc on Staying Small

Sure, getting to be as big as Microsoft might be fine for some, but you don't have to be that big to have a successful business.

MBA 101

Business school showed them a perfect market: business school students.

Fancy Feet

These custom-made shoes have personality-in billions of ways.

Book 'Em

Bringing information to the library-weary, ebrary is set to appeal to the next generation of researchers.

VC Scott Hyten

Even if your e-business is faltering, you can get venture capital . . . if you're prepared to trim the fat.

Timed Travel

Ever been to a city with those loaner bicycles? What if a company rented automobiles that way?

Pixie Campbell, owner of Napcake

Why taking naps is good for business

Sugar & Mice

Girls want to be pretty. That puts cash in this Web site's kitty.
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