Pamella de Leon

Pamella de Leon

Startup Section Editor, Entrepreneur Middle East

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We Got Funded: Bulk Grocery E-Commerce Platform BulkWhiz Closes Series A Round To Invest In AI Tech

The team aims to continue offering a personalized grocery shopping experience, as well as build new channels and new markets.

Edtech Startup Baims Wants To Make Learning Easier For Kuwait's High School And University Students

As online learning continues to rise, Baims wants to make its mark in Kuwait's edtech space as well.

Line Company Wants To Help Kuwait's Entrepreneurs From Set-Up To Launch

Seeking to support Kuwait's aspiring entrepreneurs from start to launch stage, the company's services include branding, digital marketing, web and application development, and more.

Kuwait's Holistic Development And Consulting Helps Entrepreneurs Understand Risk Management

The startup aims to help entrepreneurs to be aware of the importance of risk management and how investment decisions should be assessed.
Social Entrepreneurship

Kuwait's Nuqat Is On A Mission To Foster A Collaborative Community To Overcome Social Challenges

Conceived in 2009, the platform aims to empower its collaborative community to overcome social challenges through creative and critical thinking.

Entrepreneur Middle East's Achieving Women 2019: Nadine Mezher, Co-Founder and CMO, Sarwa

Nadine Mezher's quest against the traditional financial industry which "was not designed to be fair."

Entrepreneur Middle East's Achieving Women 2019: Cammie Dunaway, Chief Marketing Officer, Duolingo

Downloaded by more than 300 million people globally, Duolingo is determined that you continue to learn your chosen languages, even inspiring Internet memes based on its persistent notifications for you to study.

UAE App CAFU Brings The Fuel To Wherever You (And Your Vehicle) May Be

Joining the world of on-demand services is UAE startup CAFU, which offers an on-demand fuel delivery service.

Entrepreneur Middle East's Achieving Women 2019: Deenah Alhashemi, Founder And CEO, Sxill

Having inadequate know-how to fix simple household items can certainly leave one frustrated, and for Deenah Alhashemi, that sparked an idea for an entrepreneurial venture.

UAE Startup AlgoDriven Uses Its Proprietary Data Platform To Accurately Price Used Cars

One startup is hoping to make buying a used vehicle easier by streamlining the process of assessment and evaluation before a purchase with the help of its proprietary vehicle data platform.

UAE Platform Fluidmeet Helps Entrepreneurs And SMEs Find The Right Space To Meet Their Needs

The startup is a value-added marketplace of work, meeting, and event spaces, which allows users to book everything from meeting rooms to banquet halls to co-working spaces to serviced offices.

We Got Funded: SaaS F&B Startup FineDine Gets A Boost From Savour Ventures

They plan to use the new capital infusion to "dominate the Gulf region, and grow in South East Asia."

We Got Funded: Washmen Raises US$6.2 Million In A Series B Round

Washmen, a Dubai-based startup streamlining dry cleaning and laundry services, has successfully raised US$6.2 million in a Series B round.

Egyptian Startup Weelo Wants To Offer A Digital Grocery Shopping Experience That Benefits Consumers, Supermarkets And Suppliers

The grocery e-commerce space is one that's been seeing a lot of interest lately in the Middle East, and Egyptian startup Weelo has found a certain niche in this space.

Follow The Leader: Tarek El Bolbol, Co-Founder And CEO, Booklava

"It's key you have a top team focused on building consumercentric products that solve real problems, and are able to iterate fast and pivot quickly if needed."