Pamella de Leon

Pamella de Leon

Startup Section Editor, Entrepreneur Middle East

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Startup Loyyal Uses Blockchain Tech To Keep Customers, Well, Loyal

Loyyal is leveraging blockchain and smart contract technology to create a solution for loyalty programs.

MENA Fintech Startup NOW Money Wants To Help Everyone Get Access To Banking

Founders Katharine Budd and Ian Dillon launched NOW Money to provide expat workers who don't have access to banking and remittance services with direct access to a current account, debit card and remittance from their proprietary app and service center.
News and Trends

Ford Invests US$1 Billion In Autonomous Vehicle Technology Startup Argo AI

With a lot of players involved, we might finally be closer to self-driving cars, flying cars, and more soon.

Medativ Is Bringing 3D Printing Medical Solutions To The MENA Healthcare Industry

From education, to jewelry and even 3D printed offices, 3D printing has placed its footing in various industries.

Pure Harvest Aims To Overcome Local Climate Challenges And Make Farming High Tech

Pure Harvest founder and CEO Sky Kurtz and his team are aiming to bring the hydroponic farming model to the Middle East, starting with the UAE.

Put That Pen Down: Startup Wrappup Wants To Make Meetings More Efficient

Finding a particular detail in your notes after a long brainstorming session is often like trying to find a needle in a haystack- and yet, such notes are essential in one's ability to deliver on the important action points from a meeting.
Startup Financing

We Got Funded: Startup mrUsta Raises AED2.75 Million In Funding Round

More than ever, quality in the service industry is essential, and the UAE-based mrUsta, an online marketplace for consumers to find and book service providers founded in 2013, has strived to accomplish this- and now, investors have taken notice.

Startup Kasra Wants To Create Arabic Content That Trends On The Internet

Founder Nawaf Felemban says the Arabic website aims to "empower Arabs to be narrators of their own stories by publishing compelling content that readers will want to share."
Startup Financing

We Got Funded: Raises US$7 Million In Funding

Founded by Geet Bhalla and Digvijay Pratap in 2014, is available in both English and Arabic and offers customized travel services and curated itineraries for holidays, hotels, flights and activities, integrated with customer reviews from TripAdvisor.
Digital Disruption

IBM's Juan Jose De La Torre On The Need For MENA Businesses To Embrace Digital Transformation

Tech has changed the way we work and live, and with that, more so than ever, the need for enterprises and startups to shift to strategize the digital market is high.
Startup Financing Gains US$2.4 Million In Latest Investment Round

While it was aiming to achieve US$1 million new funds, the startup managed to surpass its goal and received $2.4 million in its latest round of bridge funding from an array of investors.

Design Denizens: Abjad Design's Duo Learn As They Earn

Founders Sheikha Bin Dhaher and Diana Hawatmeh shared the set up of Abjad Design in 2010, and the how it has progressed then, and is still open to learning.

Linking Up: MyHUBBER Wants To Reward Users For Social Engagement

When it comes to the development of new apps in the realm of social engagement, the main thing to consider is whether it is up to the task of going against existing apps and platforms that currently reign the social networking space.
Artificial Intelligence

Playing To Learn: Microsoft Uses Minecraft As Test Ground For AI

As part of an experimental version of the game developed by Microsoft, the new platform, called Project Malmo, was designed to train and stimulate an AI to carry out various tasks like crossing bridges and building elaborate objects.

More Than Just Skin Art: MIT's Temporary Tattoo Would Let You Control Your Smartphone

For the tattoo enthusiasts among you who are too chicken to go under the needle, your next temporary tattoo would not just look rad, but have a functional purpose too.