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Facebook changes its name and will now be called ...

In a live event with unpublished demonstrations, the Facebook CEO gave the first details about a world where you can "teleport", preparing for a future in which the internet is more immersive and with more tools to interact with others.

Millionaires in space 2! Tourism off Earth

The dream of many is to be able to know the space, however, it is not only a question of money, but it requires certain conditions.

Millionaires in space! The beginnings of the space race

Spaceflight is now available to any human being… who has millions of dollars to spend.

Millionaires in space 3! Richard Branson, ready for take off

We are on the countdown for British mogul Richard Branson to make his journey into space on his Virgin Galactic ship VSS Unity.

Hilton, Marriott, Airbnb and more companies to invest 2.5 billion dollars in tourism in Mexico

Industry giants gather at the WTTC global summit in Cancun to reactivate global tourism.

So you can buy in Soriana from Mercado Libre to order the supermarket at home: free shipping nationwide in less than 24 hours

Soriana is the first large supermarket chain to open an official store in Mercado Libre, an alliance that makes Uber, Rappi and Walmart tremble.

For Viridiana Álvarez, Mountaineering Teaches Several Key Lessons That Every Leader Should Know

The Guinness World Breaker recently shared how conquering three of the world's most difficult mountains has prepared her for entrepreneurship.

This Network of Specialists Offers an Option for Event Planners to Survive the Pandemic

Yo Planner is a network of professionals in the organization of groups, conventions, events and specialized trips that wants to promote tourism event specialists.

Ojo de Tigre: Everything You Need To Know About the World of Mezcal

This brand is distinguished by its unique flavor and originality, it is one of the distillates that has stolen the hearts of many Mexicans.

Do You Want to Avoid Plagiarism? This Startup Found How to Do It.

Turnitin enables academic institutions to ensure quality and integrity in the student learning process.

'Here Between Us': the Game of an Entrepreneur Who Wants You to 'Spill the Beans'

This game is the new proposal from Remedios Mágicos, the company of María Guadalupe Gómez Sánchez. It allows players to open up, enter a fun and trusting environment.

Hate Working at Home? This Company Brings You Chairs, Gadgets, Internet and Even Babysitters to Make Your Life Easier

With the pandemic, the Homework faced the challenge of renewing itself or dying. He developed physical and digital tools to empower people to work from anywhere.

These Two Young People Will Help You Find Your Next Home With Their Digital Real Estate

Lucas Díaz and Franco Forte optimize the real estate ecosystem by breaking traditional paradigms with Mudafy.

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