Patricia Schiff Estess - Page 3


Rules To Live By

Keep the peace! Written policies help family businesses stay on the right track!

Back In The Saddle

Retired family business founders are discovering a new role--as consultants.

The Outsiders

It's tough to be 'in' with your co-workers when you're the future boss.

Perfect Pairs

Could you start a business with your spouse? How three couples make it work.

One For The Books

Recording your family business history gives you credibility and clout.

Sharing The Wealth

How much is too much . . .or too little?

A Clean Getaway

Excuse me, but why are you working yourself to death? You need to get outta town.

Stay In Touch

How to keep senior family members involved.

Going The Distance

How virtual partnerships can figure into your work/life balance

Book 'Em

Picture the profits: Entrepreneurs make history catering to the scrapbooking craze.

Close Encounters

Just how much family togetherness is too much?

Freedom Of Choice

Don't force your kids to join the family business -- let them decide.

Damage Control

Keep kids at bay with these important ground rules.

Branching Out

Ready to expand? Better make sure it's for all the right reasons.

Many Happy Returns

Simple strategies to keep customers coming back for more.