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Netflix vs. Spotify: Which Streaming Stock is a Better Buy?

Netflix is the most well known video streaming service and Spotify is the most well-known audio streaming service. As streaming services became extremely popular during the pandemic, both companies benefited. But now that the economy is opening back up, there will be less of a need for streaming. Which stock will fare better in a post pandemic world? Read more to find.

Avoid These 3 Overvalued Gig Economy Stocks

One of the many negative effects of the pandemic was massive job losses. This led workers to find gig jobs at companies such as Airbnb (ABNB), Uber Technologies (UBER), and Fiverr International (FVRR). Now that the economy is rapidly improving and job prospects are bullish, these stocks should be avoided.

Sony vs. Nintendo: Which Video Game Stock is a Better Buy?  

Video gaming accelerated during the pandemic. However, it already had an impressive growth trajectory due to its popularity among younger people, and the industry's under-monetization. Two of the top console makers are Sony (SONY) and Nintendo (NTDOY). Which is the better buy?.

Paccar vs. Cummins: Which Stock is a Better Buy?

With many auto stocks on fire over the past couple months, Patrick Ryan though it would interesting to compare Paccar (PCAR) and Cummins (CMI). PCAR sells trucks, while CMI makes engines. But which is the better buy now? Read more to find out.

Transocean: Buy, Sell, or Hold?

Transocean (RIG) is highly leveraged to oil prices. However, the company has a high debt load and offshore drilling is expected to be the last segment to recover. Patrick Ryan gives his take on whether RIG is a buy, sell, or hold.

Should TherapeuticsMD Be in Your Portfolio?

Healthcare stocks have gained prominence due to the pandemic putting an emphasis on the sector. While many large cap companies get their fair share of news, we shouldn't exclude lesser known companies such as TherapeuticsMD Inc. (TXMD). This pharmaceutical company makes products geared towards women. But is it a stock to buy now? Read more to find out.

Oshkosh vs. Workhorse: Which Delivery Vehicle Manufacturer is a Better Buy?

Oshkosh (OSK) and Workhorse (WKHS) are two companies competing to create electric delivery vehicles. Recently, OSK won a big contract from the USPS, which caused WKHS to plummet? Is OSK still the better buy? Patrick Ryan gives his take below.

Is Brightcove a Winning Software Stock?

As more and more companies migrate their businesses to the cloud, this cutting edge technology is here to stay. The company's that provide cloud products and services should see their stock's rise over the long-term, but not every stock is a buy right now. In this article, Patrick Ryan covers a lesser known cloud, Brightcove (BCOV), with bright prospects.

4 Lesser-Known Biotech Stocks to Consider Adding to Your Portfolio

The COVID-19 pandemic brought a renewed interest to biotech firms, with many searching for treatments and vaccines. This led to strong returns for many top biotech stocks. But there are smaller, lesser know companies that are also poised for strong returns such as Vanda Pharmaceuticals (VNDA), Sino Biopharmaceutical (SBHMY), Otsuka Holdings (OTSKY), and Xoma (XOMA).

Clean Energy Fuels: Buy, Sell, and Hold?

Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) is down nearly 50% since early February. Should investors buy the dip? Or is it the start of a bear market for the stock? Patrick Ryan breaks it down below.