Paul and Sarah Edwards

Starting a Business

Basic Training

Got what it takes to get through entrepreneurial "boot camp"? We'll give you some tips for toughing out your first year in business.
Starting a Business

The Dark Side

Prepare yourself for being homebased by understanding the downside.
Starting a Business

Bad Zoning Laws? Get 'Em Changed!

If your city is giving you trouble, print out this article and bring it to a council meeting to prove the worth of homebased business.
Starting a Business

How to Manage Your Homebased Time

You have a number of responsibilities as a homebased entrepreneur. Here's how to juggle them all.

Finding a Market for Your Services

Does anyone need what your business is offering? To find out, the best approach is the direct approach.
Starting a Business

It's in the Mail

How do you find the best mail order catalog for your product-and get it in the door?
Starting a Business

Surviving the First Five Years

The first years are the hardest, so plan on plodding along for a while.

Doing Your Detective Work

There are other ways to find out what the competition is charging besides asking them.

Hey! Work on Your Own Time, Buddy!

Want hours flexible enough to suit your needs and your clients' demands? It's not a huge stretch if you follow our advice.

Scam Alert

Determining if that work-at-home opportunity is legit

Match Made in Heaven

How do you approach a potential partner without stepping on anybody's toes?

Maxed Out

Don't let a little thing like bad credit history get in the way of your entrepreneurial dreams.

Happy Trails

How to tell whether it's time for a major life--and business--change.
Starting a Business

Bi-Coastal Business

Is it possible to be in two places at once? Maybe, if you're planning your own business.

I'm Not Happy!

You're successful but miserable. Here's what to do when your dream business is no longer your dream.
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