Paul DeCeglie

Who's Your Daddy?

SBA reports on small-business friendly banks

Click Here

Free online business information and assistance

Just Bidding Around

Online marketplace

The Truth About Venture Capital

Myth: Getting venture capital is impossible. Reality: It's not easy, but it can be done. We show you how.

Write Off, Right On

Review of <i>422 Tax Deductions for Businesses And Self Employed Individuals</i>

Smooth Sailing

Proposed SEC regulations

From Zero To 60

Supercharged start-ups


Online service that provides financial help to start-up and existing businesses

Share And Share Alike

Sub-debt loans, price points, capitalist pigs unite, perfecting proposals

Public Enemy?

How to go public and not get screwed

Wing And A Prayer

Sock it away, the perfect proposal, earth angels, loans in a

Click And Save

Stock up, the new IRS, cut costs online

Why Buy?

`Z' is for zero, to buy or not to buy, nix failure, How low can you go?
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