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Former Features Editor, Entrepreneur Asia Pacific


How a Single Mother is Using Blockchain to Help People Get Home Loans in Five Days

Founder Ruth Hatherley says the technology is a component of Australian fintech start-up Moneycatcha's overall technical architecture

How SEO Can Help a Brand Create a Success Story

Search engine optimization helps bring more people to a company's website organically

Why Hacked Accounts on Cryptocurrency Exchanges Rose 369% Last Year

Users and exchanges disregard information security and underestimate the capabilities of cybercriminals

Time to Stand Up From Your Desk

Standing while working can help increase life expectancy and improve productivity, confirms study

Millennials are Less Concerned About Data Security Risk

But Gen X and baby boomers are unforgiving when it comes to security, finds APAC study

What's the Success Recipe of World's First Trillion-dollar Company?

Money is not Apple's focus, CEO Tim Cook told employees after achieving the feat

Venture-backed Founders are Overworked, Underpaid and Stressed

They work an average of 64 hours a week, finds a new KPMG Australia report

How Two Entrepreneurs Used Social Media to Create a Multi-million Dollar Teeth-whitening Brand

Keeping the audience engaged and building a relationship has done the trick for us, say founders of HiSmile

Five Reasons APAC Prefers Agile Work Environment

Gone are the days of old fashioned working environment and slow markets, it has all changed for APAC

Money Can Buy You Stress

A global survey says too high a salary doesn't bring employee happiness; appreciation, fairness and pride in the organization do