Priyanka Desai

Priyanka Desai

Guest Writer / Founder and CEO, iScribblers

Priyanka Desai is the CEO and founder of iScribblers, a content marketing agency specializing in helping brands showcase their thought leadership. iScribblers clients range from bootstrapped to funded tech companies and startups. 


PR strategy

#4 Pro-PR Tips Every Start-up Should Use

Dear start-ups, entrepreneurs and PR managers, in 2017, press releases glorifying your brand would take you nowhere

#9 Lessons Successful Start-ups Learnt The Hard Way

'Never work towards making the perfect product. Launch a beta, test waters, get feedback and move forward'

10 Things To Consider Before And After Hiring A PR Agency

The most important question to ask your PR agency is – how do they measure success? Metrics act as a barometer for measurement.
Content Strategy

#8 Strategies to Create Content your Audience Will Trust

Establish yourself as a credible source of information by implementing these tips while creating blog posts, emails, website copy and sales pitch.
Content Marketing

7 Hard Truths About Content Marketing That Will Make You Smarter in 2017

Blogs, social media and videos has made it relatively easy to create and market content. Similar to entrepreneurship, everyone is doing it.
Digital Marketing

8 Experts Predict The Digital Marketing Trends For 2017

The steady rise of social web has given birth to several new channels and formats to reach out to the target audience.
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