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Money Returns Cannot be the Only Motivator for Angel Investments

Leading angel investor Revathy Ashok believes that it is important for investors to guide new ventures, in addition to just pumping-in funds.

This Woman Serial Entrepreneur Doubles up as a Perfect Mentor to New Ventures

Women serial entrepreneur and investor Lathika Pai shares her entrepreneurial journey with Entrepreneur India's Rahul R.

Venture Capital Funds of the Women, by the Women, for the Women.

Interview with Ankita Vashistha - Founder of India's and Asia's first venture capital fund that promotes women entrepreneurship

Investment in Smart Cities is the Groovy Thing in

Startups working on developing smart city solutions should attract attractive capital, believe investors and technologists.

Satya Nadela Foretells the future Needs

Microsoft's Satya Nadella stresses the need of harnessing AI, ML and next-gen disruptive technology.

Hyderabad Angels (HA) Invests upto $1 Million in Technology-Based, Asset Light and Scalable Business Models

Interaction with Esha Rao and Mounika Nimmagada who are part of the investment team at Hyderabad Angels.

How to Impress an Investor, Secret Revealed by a Veteran Investor

Rajul Garg has set up an exclusive fund called Leo Capital that helps early-stage ventures having technology-driven models

How This Early-Stage AI Venture in Hospitality Raised $250000

Hospitality startup Trilyo works with hotels and restaurants in helping them solve customer queries through AI.

How to Obtain Seed Funding if You are a New Start-up?

Co-Founder of agritech startup Gramophone shares tips for new ventures on how to raise VC funds.

Online Furniture Start-ups in India: A Look at the New Venture Capital Trend

Check out the trending furniture start-ups in India in 2018, rated by analysts and investors

10 Indian Hospitality Startups Attracting Overwhelming Interest

A look at the ten hot startups serving the hospitality sector in India.

Check Out the New Venture Capital Trend – Online Furniture

Online Furniture now seems to be the buzzword for investors, and people with ideas

5 Start-ups that Could Potentially Boost Smart Recruitment and Investment in India

Technically-sound recruitment models would eliminate errors that often lead to job seekers being bombarded with jobs that their skill sets aren't fit for