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technology entrepreneur

How This Technology Startup is Improving Dairy Supply Chain

Stellapps offers farm optimization and monitoring tools to improve dairy supply chain end-to-end including milk's production, procurement, cold chain, animal insurance and farmer payments.
Venture Capital

How do Investors Invest in Startups - From a Venture Capitalist's Point of View

Offer solutions to societal problems, innovatively through technology, and get mentored
Freelance Entrepreneurship

How to Create Social Media Campaigns Just by Working Freelance

Your creativity in ensuring brand visibility comes to the forefront and then there is no looking back

Entrepreneurship of Today: Easy Ways to Turn Edupreneurs and Guide Students

It is important to teach lateral thinking to students of today

A Shampoo that Convinced CK Kumaravel, and Others that Solutions for Hard Water Exist

Iluvia is a Shampoo that can solve the problem of hard water and is a boon to haircare.
First-time entrepreneurship

5 Internal Motivators for First Time Entrepreneurs

It is best to look for motivation from within, rather than from outside
Human Augmentation

Integrating a Kai With Your Hand for Human Augmentation

Gesture-controlled technology, that's going to change the world
Motivational Speaker

Analyzing Why Motivational Speaking is Now a Hot Entrepreneurial Trend

Make a Difference to Peoples' Lives, and Arouse Entrepreneurial Spirits.

5 Unconventional yet Simple Techniques to Ensure Healthy Work-Life Balance to Your Employees

Getting employees to stay happy and focussed both at work and outside office

First-Time Entrepreneurs: 5 Ways of Identifying Role Models for Success from Within

It's not a mandate to seek external role models in entrepreneurship

Are Coworking Spaces Doing Enough for India's Entrepreneurial Community

Do coworking and mentoring startups go hand in hand?

Entrepreneurship in 2018: 5 Tips to Manage Long Working Hours at the Office

Smart working is any day the icing on the cake, over hard work.

How the Bhagavad Gita is Relevant for First-Time Entrepreneurs and Business Owners in 2018

5 unconventional yet simple pointers from the holy book for fresher entrepreneurs and business owners.

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