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Ray Hennessey

Ray Hennessey

Guest Writer / Editor-at-Large

Ray Hennessey, the former editorial director of Entrepreneur, is Chief Innovation Officer at JConnelly, an integrated communications firm in New York, and a senior advisor to Alley, a coworking community in Manhattan. He writes frequently on leadership, communications, management, politics and economics.


What Will You Do When You Don't Win the Powerball?

All the things you would do if you suddenly came into millions are actually within your grasp right now. Go for them.
Free Markets

It's Time for the Private Sector to Break States' Stranglehold on Lotteries

All lotteries are simply taxes dressed as a way to better your financial health.
Free Markets

Entrepreneurs Need to Realize They're All the C-Word

So many people like to identify as entrepreneurs while trying to ignore the economic system that got them there.

Don't Let the Loneliness of Entrepreneurship Kill You

New studies suggest loneliness has adverse health effects. That's something entrepreneurs need to address.
Run a Better Business

5 Things Mother Teresa Never Said That Can Nevertheless Inspire the Hell Out of You

The soon-to-be saint is one of the most-misquoted women in history. On the bright side, the quotes still resonate.
Run a Better Business

Les McKeown on the Key Decision Leaders Must Make to Grow

Run the company as you always have or bring in help? It's a question of growth goals.
Inspiring Your Team

2 Phrases That Hold Leaders Back

Build a company culture and leadership reputation that rejects common, tiresome excuses.
Run a Better Business

Les McKeown on Surviving Your 'Whitewater' Period

Companies tend to hum along and then, suddenly, everything goes wrong. Handling that period is key.

When Managing Weak Performers, Follow the 'Rule of Thirds'

Observe your team's workflow and pinpoint where the disruption stems from. Jeffrey Hayzlett, author of 'Think Big Act Bigger' says leaders often invest too much time and too many resources in weak per...
Run a Better Business

Les McKeown on How to Make Your Business a Predictable Success

There comes a period where business goes from fun to whitewater. That's the time to take your company to the next level.
Entrepreneur Press Books

Leaders: Ask Yourself These Three Questions

The author of 'Think Big Act Bigger' reveals his criteria for personal satisfaction.

Embrace the Imperfect Picture Beneath Your Masterpiece

There is a secret picture underneath Mona Lisa's smile. There's one under yours, too.
Take It From The Pros

How Leaders Could Be More Like 'Danny Ocean'

An expert shares why charisma is important for leaders.