Rebecca Lee

Product Expert & Blogger

Rebecca Lee is a computer science graduate and a digital nomad. She can explain product and product management even while sleeping! 


How This Company Makes Purchasing Precious Metals a Breeze

At such a time when your finances and portfolio have been bearish, and you're worried about your future savings, adding gold and precious metals to your portfolio can be a strategy to safeguard your future

As the Crypto Winter Enters a Period Of Max Pain, Here's What Investors Should Look For To Prepare For the Next Bull Run

Billionaire investor and founder of HyperChain Capital Stelian Balta explains how the current bear market compares to 2018, and what investors should do to prepare for its eventual end

Enhancing Careers Of Women Trial Attorneys

The Munley Law Company has shown a high degree of recognition to their women trial attorneys by nominating them to participate in top awards in the law industry

Things To Keep In Mind Before Becoming a Digital Nomad

RaShine Mitchell and Erik Petrosyan have mastered this mobile lifestyle and embraced it

The Future Of the Biomedical Scene, Seen Through the Eyes Of An Entrepreneur

Meet Jean Fallacara, author, innovator, scientist and entrepreneur extraordinaire with a unique vision that is about to take the world of temperature control to a whole new level

This Travel Agency Is Leading the Way With Innovative Overseas Visa Solutions

Kareem Dus and Mark MacEachen started their business in response to one friend's problem which turned out to be way more common than they thought! Today, their agency provides solutions for multitudes of customers

Interest In NFTs Is Declining Amid an Unstable Geopolitical Situation

According to Google Trends statistics, the number of searches for the term 'NFT' peaked at the end of January but has declined steadily since then

Meet the Mother Of Three Making 7-figure Income Working Part-time From the Beach

After years of making seven figure revenue and trotting the globe, Myriam realized she had a business opportunity she could offer to other people. So Create Business was formed

This Founder Led His Company To Eight Figure Revenues In Less than a Year

With over 1,500 clients achieving exponential results through The Scaling Group LLC's services, the company becomes a multi million-dollar business in less than a year

Here's Why Roadblocks are Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Like many business entrepreneurs, BroadwayHD's Bonnie Comley faced multiple challenges, but she aced them and learnt

Don't Be Afraid To Walk a Lonely Path To Success

According to Jeffrey Santulan, successful people are seldom daunted by the idea of being the lone rangers

This 'Virtual Land' Project Is Dropping a New Token

Next Earth is a company that is creating a fully DAO-controlled, interoperable, totally democratized Metaverse where users have true digital ownership over their avatars

Effective Communication Guarantees Customer Satisfaction, Here's Why

Benjamin Berg and Dan Young believe that the importance of customer satisfaction cannot be emphasized enough

Generosity Changes You from Within! Here Are Insights On the Value Of Pursuing Philanthropic Opportunities

Meet Philippe Vasilescu, a French-born, Miami-based wine and spirit expert, who sheds some light on the importance of being philanthropic in this time and age

Virtual Tours For Foreign Buyers and Support For Exporters: Moscow Leans Into Industry And Export

Head of Moscow's department for investment and industrial policy, Alexander Prokhorov, talks about trends in the industrial sector, investments in the local economy, and how the city supports exporters

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