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This Speciality Tea Business Has an Ambitious Growth Plan

In an interview with Restaurant India, Managing Director of Teamonk Global, Ashok Mittal says the company aims to reach over 150-crore gross revenue in next four years
staff development

Keys To Empowering Your Staff By BS Nagesh

When we talk about empowerment we talk about multi layers of empowerment and how it can create an impact among our employees and staff
Restaurant Business

Five Strategies That Restaurant Startups Must Adopt To Grow

From renting your venue out for private events to offering a seasonal menu, there are multiple research-backed strategies you can use to run a successful restaurant. Here are the expert tips
Food Trends

Add 3D Effect to Your Food With This Simple Tip by Chef Gautam Chaudhry

In a candid conversation with Restaurant India, Chef Gautam Chaudhry talks about the concept of plating and the basic elements that restaurants should focus

Restaurants Must Have Proper Structure and Design, Else They Will Collapse

In an exclusive talk with Restaurant India, Chef Nilesh Limaye speaks about the importance of regional cuisines at restaurants in India and his ideas behind menu planning and kitchen designing

5 Key Takeaways for Restaurateurs from Burger King CEO, Rajeev Varman

One needs to build an organizational value system to take the business to the next level
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Book Excerpt: Make Your Food Look Good With These Styling Tips by Shivesh Bhatia

The food styling props, foolproof tips, his favourite techniques and the dos and don'ts on social media –Author and Baker Shivesh Bhatia tells it all in his book, Bake with Shivesh

Menu Hacks For Your Online Food Delivery Business in Mumbai

Understand the tryst of the inhabitants of the city and tweak a few local dishes that would make Mumbaikars fall in love with food all over again

Customers can Make or Break the Business

In a tete-a-tete with Restaurant India Hemant Oberoi, Chef and Restaurateur talks about innovation in food
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Ever Wondered, Why Top Fast Food Brands Use Red, Yellow Colours

Meanwhile colours like yellow and blue, evokes happiness and friendliness