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Former Staff, Entrepreneur India


2016 A Great Time For Strong Investment Flows In India

Dhanpal Jhaveri talks about PE for 2016, including expectations from the government, foreign investment and exit trends.

Scrapper Or Silver Spoon - Who's Your Best Bet?

When hiring you come across 2 candidates - one with all the advantages and the other who've had a lifetime with adversity. Now, whom will you choose?

Some Classic Lessons To Learn From Classic Novels

From Hamlet's procrastination to Gatsby's dubious morality, classical literature has a lot to teach young entrepreneurs.

Going Global With Your Business? This Is How You Do IT

From wearing a no-pocket shirt in UK to taking gifts in China, here's how you take your business global

International Business Etiquette Rules for Entrepreneurs

Some tips to remembers when you're on your next international business trip.

For women, by women: These females are slaying it with their unique startups

These women are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to empowering women and giving them the opportunities they deserve.

Revolutionary: Convert Your Art Into Business

Once startup was a domain of people from technical and business background only. However, in the recent years more and more artists are crossing the threshold of art towards technology and presenting their art to the world.

Rise and Shine: 4 Ways You Could Put Behind Your Startup Failure

What's failure more than an unsuccessful attempt? As Einstein said, "Failure is success in process" and if you believe in this, we have some tips to help you revive and grow stronger.

How You Should Deal With Young Employees

Young blood might bring creativity and enthusiasm to the team, but might need a little more training to fit in the curve.