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"I think Indian Start-ups Are as Good as American Start-ups"

Vinod Gupta has a history of giving and raising funds for Bill and Hillary Clinton during their campaign and has also got mentioned on latter's autobiography.

Feel The Freedom

These are the faces and the inspiration of tomorrow.

Don't Limit your Challenges, Challenge your Limit

If you have set goals that are achievable then you will only feel desolate at the end of the year.

5 Ways in Which Corporate Social Responsibility Can be Improved

Surrogate advertising is not CSR, you cannot impose your brand.

The Trendsetters of 2016 Who Will Continue to be The Newsmakers Of 2017

Trends define the future of the economy but it is people who define the trends.

5 Sectors That Will Feel The Pinch of INR 500/1000 Tender Ban

To bring hard earned savings into open and pour into bank accounts could have a severe effect on the consumerism of some of these sectors in India.

How Great Design Outcomes Happen

o start from the start, entrepreneurs go to the market not with a brand, but with an idea.

Together Is Better

If start-ups need to survive, they should look for a strategic partner, not an investor.

Treading To The Middle Way

There was and will always be enough opportunity to pursuit, but do it when you are ready for it.

"Investors Are A Lot More Cautious Now"

Industrialist Sanjeev Bikhchandani talks about venture capital, startups and government policies.

The Cost Of Freedom

We, as entrepreneurs must continuously strive to come together to stir change.

"India Is A Big Driver Of Growth In Developer Eco-system"

Facebook had its eyes on India for a long term, as the country is home to one of the fastest growing internet using population.

No Man Is An Island

As startup entrepreneurs, everything will be limited whether it is your time, knowledge or resources. As the founder, one needs to be focused on the most critical matters. But the rest still needs to get done.

Opportunities Galore With Digital Literacy

With the focus on market development, the tech giant has trained over 5 million citizens under these programs.

"Winning Is A Way Of Life"

"Talent is like the marksman who hits a target that others cannot reach," wrote Arthur Schopenhauer; "genius is like the marksman who hits a target others cannot even see."