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Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Media (APAC & India)


The Approach Must Be To Change The World

In a chat on chaat with Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur India, Anil shares his panorama on future of start-ups in India.

"Our Investment Style Is The Founders First"

Vani Kola, supporting entrepreneurs in building their companies.

Unicorns At War

We are not Heading Towards a Bubble…It will be a Bloodbath

You Can Rebel And You Can Be A Rebel!

Today, startup entrepreneurship in India is seeing rebellion that is beyond business.

"Small Businesses Should Do Innovation At Product Level"

"I think it's stupidity for SMEs to look for a coder," says , Kunal Shah, CEO, FreeCharge.

Starting up right is more important than starting up

We, as entrepreneurs, must continuously strive to come together to stir the change.

Being a woman investor is not any different, says Vani Kola

Indian venture fund Kalaari Capital's Vani Kola talks about women entrepreneurs, leadership and the qualities that goes into making a good leader.

Dark Humour Inspired this Augmented Reality App to Take Birth

"India is ready for all things cool but Indian gatekeepers are not ready for all things cool" says the CEO of Blipppar

"Policy Can Never Catch Up With Technology" - Arvind Gupta

Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur India Media, in conversation with Arvind Gupta, CEO of Digital India Foundation, who shares what it will take to build the start-up culture in India.

An Ode to Startups

The young talented minds are the face of what tomorrow is likely to be.

To New Beginnings & Old Learnings

Most entrepreneurs feel itchy about closing down their everyday business undertakings to go away on a vacation.

Their business card reads social beings

There's a saying in restaurant business that once it gets into your blood, you can't get away from it and that's so true.

The making of a startup nation

IIT students or graduated are eager to build his/her own thriving business.

An year of new opportunities and some tough lessons

The mantra rolling into 2016 – rules must be broken and old business models must be re-visited.