Robert J. McGarvey

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It Figures

Business, economic and social information for countries worldwide

List Service

Links to hundreds of useful lists that have appeared in magazines and newpapers over the past year
Starting a Business

Name Calling

Site that helps you select a company name be telling you what's available and what's not

Privacy Plus

Web site analyzes the privacy of your Web browser

Caught In The Net

Managing your employees' online time.

Can You Live Without Microsoft?

One expert evaluates the necessity of Microsoft software.
Growth Strategies

Web Site

The latest news and updates on employee benefits

Talking Stock

Keep tabs on your investment strategy with free info from the Web.

Vocal Motion

Online access to thousands of speeches by elected officials, government bureaucrats, business leaders and more

Just The Facts

Small-business reports by state from the SBA's Office of Advocacy

Crime Fighters

Everything you always wanted to know about computer crimes

Fast Facts

Internet and technology statistics


Web page that aims to be the home page for busy executives

Web Site

Hooking small businesses up with big-name lenders

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Discover the seven deadly sins of Web site design.