Rohit Bagaria

Rohit Bagaria

Founder & CVO of

Rohit Bagaria is a zentrepreneur and Founder & CVO of ('Budli' means Change in Hindi) which is driving change in India through ReCommerce - Reverse Commerce of used gadgets like Smartphones, Tablets & Laptops. enables users to resell their used gadgets in a socially and environmentally responsible way and bridges the digital divide between people who have access to technologically advanced gadgets and those who don't. These products are refurbished and sold omni-channel.

He has 15 years of experience in various sectors, including software startup in the Silicon Valley, manufacturing & international B2B sales across 35 countries and eCommerce in India, China & the US. Former Director of Founder Institute (international startup accelerator & launch program) in Kolkata. His education is from UC Berkeley, California & St. Xavier's, Kolkata.



Entrepreneurship Is Essentially About Problem Solving

Entrepreneurship is like jumping off a cliff and figuring out how to build an airplane on the way down.
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