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Sam Silverman is a content strategy editor at Entrepreneur Media. She specializes in search engine optimization (SEO), and her work can be found in The US Sun, Nicki Swift, In Touch Weekly, Life & Style and Health. Her coverage spans from business and tech to entertainment news. Sam is a graduate of Lehigh University and currently resides in NYC. 

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Who Was Austrian Billionaire and Red Bull Founder Dietrich 'Didi' Mateschitz?

Mateschitz is remembered as the branding guru who revolutionized the sponsorship industry by marketing Red Bull to extreme sports.

Business News

Jeffrey Dahmer-Inspired Halloween Costumes Banned at eBay Amid Netflix Series Backlash

The online retailer declared the costumes in violation of its violence and violent crimes policy.

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This U.S.-Made Pasta Brand Claims to Be 'Italy's No. 1 Brand of Pasta.' Now They're Facing Legal Trouble

After two customers purchased Barilla pasta under the impression it was made in Italy, they are taking action.

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Who Is Anna May Wong? Meet the Asian American Movie Star Who Just Made U.S. History

The old-Hollywood movie star will be the first Asian American to be on U.S. currency.

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Man Makes Shocking Discovery at the Bottom of the Mississippi River Amid Extreme Drought

Record low water levels led to the discovery of a 1915 shipwreck.