Sara Wilson


Start a Business the Fast Way

Buying a franchise or business opportunity takes much of the fuss out of startup and lets you focus on profits and growth.
Starting a Business

Simple Restaurants Are Big Business

Want to start a restaurant? One ingredient may be all you need.

Canine Calling

After an unexpected layoff, a marketing exec tracks down a new career.

You're Invited

The party never stops for these event planners.

Bread Winners

Sandwich consumption specialists try their hand at selling subs.

Two's Company

This pair went on a cleaning spree, sweeping their former jobs under the rug for good.

News by the Numbers

Thanks to this entrepreneur, news search results never looked so relevant.

Your Burning Franchise Questions

When it comes to buying a franchise, we know what's on your mind. We answer your top questions here.

Screen Test

Digital displays are all the rage in advertising, and someone has to bring them to life.

The Life of a Serial Franchisor

Martin Sprock has established a big name for himself in the fast-casual restaurant industry. Now he talks candidly about his strategies for success.

Deliciously Cool

One franchisee reaps the sweet rewards of owning a frozen custard shop.

Mixing Real Estate and Moving Services

A franchise adds oomph to an already-thriving moving business.


Put up your dukes, and get your frustrations out.

New Attitude

After dishing the dirt on failing dotcoms, the internet's bad boy proves he can do better.

Sticky Business

A decorating dilemma inspired these entrepreneurs' bold and beautiful business concept.
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