Siddharth Singhal

Siddharth Singhal

Founder and CEO at Vibcare Pharma Pvt. Ltd

About Siddharth Singhal

Siddharth Singhal is a leader and a visionary who is working towards merging pharmaceutical industry with the digital world. To achieve this, Siddharth along with 10 other renowned e-Pharmacies in the country has formed Indian Internet Pharmacy Association, abbreviated as IIPA and is spearheading the association as the official spokesperson.

Online pharmacies have faced legal obligations in the past putting a negative impression in the mind of consumers. On the contrary, collating e-commerce with pharmaceutical industry improves the overall system of medicine industry. The process is more secure and complies better with Drugs & Cosmetic Act compared to the Offline Pharmacies. The association is meant to educate consumers about this and bring e-Pharmacies on the map of digital India.

He has ventured another company; Vibcare Pharma in 2013, which was committed to increase access to high-quality healthcare. Siddharth is an entrepreneur by heart and a leader by nature. In his professional journey so far, he has successfully demonstrated his ability take key job roles and manage the overall development of business. His expertise lies in Strategic Consulting, Sales Strategy Development, Planning Growth Initiatives and leading business from front.

Siddharth has completed his Master’s in Business (M.Bus) Global Business Analysis from Manchester Business School, United Kingdom in 2012. After completing his Post-Graduation, he started working with Saveonmeds. He has also done a course in Export Management from IIFT, Delhi 2012-13.

He loves to spend quality time with friends and family and loves to listen to music, read books and go on nature excursions. Siddharth indulge in helping poor patients by providing them free of cost medicines.


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