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Entrepreneur Masters

Entrepreneur Masters: How to break the paradigms of an industry?

Edurne Balmori, CEO of Metco, the creator of the Svetia brand, shares her secrets to leading and breaking paradigms. Join us on March 4.

Check, the food delivery app launched by Canirac is now available in the CDMX

The "exclusive to change as a digital entity" platform supports the restaurant industry in the process of providing its services.

TikTok accepted a $ 92 million settlement for violating the privacy of its users

Parents of underage users filed a class action lawsuit, accusing TikTok of illegally collecting sensitive data from their children.
Elon Musk

Elon Musk Responds That 'It Would Be Great' If He Was Investigated For His Dogecoin Memes

It is no secret that the tycoon feels a preference over this cryptocurrency.

Now you can earn money on Twitter! The 'Super Follows' arrive to charge for exclusive content

The company introduced other new products, such as Twitter Spaces, which will compete with Clubhouse, the audio social network.

10 Emerging Careers That Will Dominate the Future of Work

Hiring for artificial intelligence positions has grown 74% in the last four years.

Is it illegal to have your ticket checked at the supermarket?

Profeco could fine 834.15 and up to 3,262,498.76 pesos and the supermarket must compensate for damages if the commission of a crime cannot be proven.
Entrepreneur calls

Venture Day Open to All Govtech Startups in Latin American

How can technology help cities improve their decision-making process to respond to the needs of citizens?

Law Approved for Google and Facebook to Pay the Press for Their Content in Australia

The country sets a precedent for others to follow suit, forcing tech giants to pay media companies for using their content on the Google News Showcase and Facebook News.

Cinemas will reopen on March 1 in Mexico City and Edomex

Starting next Monday, Cinépolis theaters and independent cinemas will reopen, but not Cinemex.

Videos of the Samsung Glasses Lite, augmented reality glasses, are filtered

The Samsung Glasses Lite and Samsung AR Glasses that would theoretically allow users to attend holographic virtual meetings, consult content and play games.
Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Launches 'Jamaica-Inspired' Sweater, But Gets Colors Wrong and Criticism Rains

Brand crises do not discriminate, they can affect both large and small companies when things do not go as expected.

Microsoft's Cloud Generated More Revenue Than Amazon and Google Combined in 2020

Azure, Microsoft's cloud service, outperformed its competitors, but Amazon Web Services still dominates the field. Why?
Social Media

The 'Drunk Mode' of WhatsApp and Other Applications Will Prevent You From Dialing Up Your Ex

The feature will be able to block or delay messages, calls and other posts for a period of 12 hours, while it is active.

Do You Have a Secret You Want to Tell? KFC Launches a 'Phone' for You to Bare Your Soul.

The KFSecret-80 arrives in Mexico for a limited time and only 80 will be available. Go to www.kfsecret80.com and register for a chance to win yours.