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This entrepreneur created eco-friendly earth-based paints

The Oaxacan Marcos Sánchez makes constructions that are friendly to the environment and that benefit Mixtec communities.

This young Mexican created pothole pavement by reusing tires

Can you imagine a world without potholes in the streets? This could be a reality if the invention of Israel Antonio Briseño is supported: a pavement that also regenerates with water.

How to Withdraw Money From Infonavit and What Are the Requirements?

Thanks to the reform of article 37 of the Infonavit Law, workers with a housing subaccount will be able to withdraw the accumulated amount.

VIDEO: These are the first real images of COVID-19

The images obtained by Nanographics will be useful for scientists to understand and combat the coronavirus in a more effective way.

For the Love of Life, Return Your Oxygen Tank

Profeco called on the public to return the oxygen tanks that they are no longer using so other people can take advantage of them.

How to talk to yourself on WhatsApp?

Thanks to this function, you can save notes and multimedia files, and stop sending them to the chat of the ex who blocked you.

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