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An Ergonomic War

OSHA and the GOP clash over a new rule

Off The Shelf

The FTC takes a second look at retailer slotting fees.

Something Ventured

Encourage SBICs and you encourage small-business growth.

In Other News...

Updates on small-business legislation

Capital Gains Pain

New legislation hurts both buyers and sellers of businesses.

Stock Value

Calculating stock options into a worker's base pay is creating debate.

Blue-Collar Blues

Proposed tax credit promises to fill the labor gap for small manufacturing companies.

The Parent Trap

Let parents stay home to care for a newborn-and pay them for it? The debate rages on over employee rights.

No Pain, No Gain?

OSHA's ergonomics proposal causes a sore spot in the business community.
Growth Strategies

Inner-City Innovation

Clinton and Congress move toward increasing incentives for entrepreneurs ready to take on low-income communities.
Growth Strategies

Industrial Cleanser

The EPA is targeting small business for pollution cleanup.

Indecent Proposal

Changes to OSHA's consultation program could mean trouble for entrepreneurs.

Rumor Has It

Forget burden of proof. A new proposal says allegations alone should prevent businesses from receiving federal contracts.

Piece By Piece

Tax cuts here, managed care there: Bits of bills push their way through Congress.

Decent Proposal

As bogus lawsuits continue to rise, Congress fights to keep entrepreneurs out of court.