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Gear 06/03

A multifunction machine that does the trick; make presentations easier with a wireless projector

#41: Careba Power Engineers LLC

First-year challenges didn't stop this company from making it on our Hot 100 list.

#34: Intercept Interactive Inc.

Ever feel like you're running a marathon in running your business? According to Intercept's founder, you're in just the right place.

#79: Bi State Home Improvement Corp.

Create competition, drive to be the best--that's what this company is all about.

Gear 05/03

A network solution on the cheap; a color PDA that's just 5 ounces

It Figures 05/03

The rise of direct navigation on the Web, what motivates entrepreneurs and more

Hector Barreto on the State of Small Business

SBA administrator speaks out on the SBA's response to the war, terrorism, the economy and everything in between

Gear 04/03

A high-speed hub; a camcorder for the palm of your hand

It Figures 04/03

How many people are using the Internet, customer service calls and more

Hot Trends

Bright, bold colors make a splash, new "blankies" and more

It Figures 03/03

Last century's top 10 products, how entrepreneurs react to bad corporate citizenship and more

Gear 03/03

A big-company LaserJet for a small-business budget; label-making on your Windows


5 most common startup mistakes

It Figures 02/03

Online-ad trends, personal use of the Internet at work, a look at how small businesses are cutting their budgets, and more

Creative Endeavors

Just because you bought into a franchise system that has everything thought out for you doesn't mean you should stop thinking for yourself.