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Steve Haley

Steve Haley

Guest Writer / Advisor, MAGNiTT

Steve Haley has been leading diverse mission-driven teams for 17 years in eight different countries between work in the military, mathematics, humanitarian assistance, economic development. He is currently an advisor to MAGNiTT, and previously worked with Eureeca, where he focused on providing transparent access to private capital markets through crowd investing. He has worked in Italy, Austria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Libya and Egypt, leading teams as large as 350 people. In 2011, Steve founded MC Egypt as a social investment company, leading the development of an early stage fund of funds to increase access to capital. Steve holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics from West Point, and a master’s in Theoretical Mathematics from the University of Padova.


Surging Ahead: Fintech Startups In The Middle East

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