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That's It--I Quit!

It may sound like nonsense, but former employees can sue you for unlawful termination even if you didn't fire them.

War Of The Web

Drawing up a contract with your Web site developer? Fight for your rights before the battle breaks out.

What's The Meaning?

Show a hearing-impaired applicant to the door and you could be slapped with a lawsuit, right? According to the Supreme Court, the answer lies in the definition of disability.

Time For Change?

Runaway lawsuits provoke lawmakers to push for reform. Here's how their proposals will affect you.

You Got The Look

And if anyone tries to steal it, you can take 'em to court.

Taking The Fall

From owners to officers, sweeping lawsuits are bringing down entire companies. Exactly who's liable? Courts are divided.

Damage Control

When it comes to protecting customers, you'd better cover all your bases.

Labor Pains

Employees focus groups may seem like a good idea, but they could land you in court.

Internal Affairs

Do unpaid interns sound like a good source of free labor? Think again!

Getting Personal

Protect your company against unnecessary lawsuits by monitoring employee e-mail.

Off The Clock

Need an attorney? New fee structures offer alternatives to the billable hour.

Making Peace

Alternative dispute resolution could help your business avoid costly lawsuits.

Hands-Off Policy

What you don't know about sexual harassment can hurt you.

Point Of Reference

Providing references for former employees could put your business at risk.

Who's Counting?

How you count your employees could save you from a lawsuit.