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4 Popular Mega-Cap Stocks Down More Than 5% YTD That Are Still Too Expensive to Buy

Because market volatility is likely to persist, at least for the foreseeable future, investors should seek investment opportunities in mega-cap stocks to ensure relatively stable returns. However, despite being down...

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4 Incredibly Cheap Chemical Stocks to Buy This Month

Even amid high inflation and supply chain issues, the chemical industry has been able to rebound from its pandemic lows last year owing to growing industrial and agricultural demand. And...

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Comcast vs. ViacomCBS: Which Stock is a Better Buy for 2022?

The entertainment industry is growing rapidly, with surging demand for over-the-top (OTT) content and other services. Therefore, prominent industry participants Comcast (CMCSA) and ViacomCBS (VIAC) should benefit. But which of...

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5 Electric Vehicle Stocks Wall Street is Most Bullish On

Despite the global semiconductor chip shortage, the electric vehicle (EV) industry generated record sales in the fourth quarter of 2021. And the expected easing of the chip shortage, spending from...

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5 Must-Own Small-Cap Stocks for February

Although small-cap stocks are considered risky investments, their higher growth potential often attracts investors to them. And since the economy is expected to grow steadily this year, we think undervalued...

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5 Overvalued E-Commerce Stocks to Avoid in February

After seeing surging demand since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce companies are striving to deliver personalized shopping experiences to their customers. Although the industry possesses healthy long-term growth...