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Pollen can increase your risk of getting COVID-19 (whether you have allergies or not)

According to one study, pollen can suppress the way the human immune system responds to viruses.
Home Office

What to do when we cannot disconnect from work in the pandemic

We spend the day exchanging identities: between the personal self and the professional self, alternating not only between screens, but also between our different personalities and worlds, even in our own home.

6 treatments that COVID patients receive to survive: From antibodies to remdesivir

There is no quick cure yet, but thanks to an unprecedented global research effort, various treatments are helping patients survive COVID-19 and stay out of the hospital entirely.

How the Vaccine Rollout Has Faired in Latin America

While Chile has set an example for its effective distribution of the vaccine, Peru has suffered from a vaccine-related scandal involving its top politicians.

The pandemic increases inequality and poverty in Latin America

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an 8.1% drop in GDP in Latin America, overcoming the impact of the crisis in the European Union and other emerging economies.

One Year With the Pandemic: 2 Countries That Did It Well and 3 That Did It Poorly

A year later, there have been 115 million confirmed cases worldwide and more than 2.5 million deaths.

Light or Fat-Free? Learn to Understand the Fine Print of Food.

Light, sugar-free or fat-free foods are some of the most sought after in the supermarket. But do we know what we are buying?

COVID-19 Vaccines: Truths, Lies, Doubts, and Nonsense

The vaccines are here. Do we clap or do we run to hide?

Jaw Pains Increase: Is it Because of the Mask?

Having a false sense of security or not wearing it correctly makes it lose its protective capacity.

Would the 'immunity passport' be a good idea?

It would seem sensible to identify those fortunate enough who are no longer at risk of being infected and also to grant them a "covid passport." But what is the ethics of this measure?

This Is How the Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Works to Fight Covid-19

The final battle against the virus has begun: bamlanivimab has already been endorsed by the FDA.

Fed Up With Covid-19? You Could Have Pandemic Fatigue.

It's tempting to take a break from so many precautions. But please don't.

Coronavirus Reinfection: Everything We Know So Far

What could explain that during the second infection the symptoms were more severe?

Retiring young could affect brain functions: study

A good way to improve the negative effects of retirement is to stay involved in social activities.

Believe it or not: Artificial coloring could be used to disinfect the air from COVID-19

A biomedical engineering laboratory in the US has developed a way to potentially neutralize airborne viruses using food coloring sprays.