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All Gussied Up

Make money by makin' people prettier.

Online Shopping Comparison--Where To Find Deals, Selection And Convenience

We all know e-commerce is skyrocketing. But is it worth the learning curve to buy products online? One writer fearlessly shops online--and lives to tell the truth.

Sherlock "Homes"

Solve the case of "The Mystery House" for buyers.

Wrong Side of the Net

There aren't any sirens in the night, but the Web does have its seedy underbelly. Protect yourself from the grifters, the scammers and the crooks.

Film Stars

Crestcom franchisees use video and live presentation to bring management training to life.

Clean and Mean

One Hour Martinizing provides an opportunity that won't take you to the cleaners.

Best of the Best

You're young. You're fired up. You want a...franchise? We help you find one that's made just for you.

That's the Ticket

A great support network is just what you'll need in the rapidly changing travel industry.


Management Recruiters International puts people in their place.

Steak Your Claim

The Great Steak & Potato Company is looking for a few good franchisees.

On The Horizon

Web-based education may be a winner or a worry for technology learning centers.

Catch The Wave

How to harness the Internet and find a franchise that's right for you

Can You Compute?

Service, sales, miscellaneous--if you haven't heard, the computer industry is pretty hot.

Move It, Buddy!

Grab a truck. Grab two men. Go into businesss.

Take Care

Child care isn't just baby-sitting anymore.