Tracy Stapp Herold

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Going for the Green

A love of golf and prior sales experience put a franchisee right on course.

Summer Lovin'

A former lifeguard keeps cool with his frozen beverage franchise.

Making the Cut

Going from health care to hair care, an entrepreneur finds a new style.

Taking on a Sports Franchise... and More

An entrepreneur scores a new career in one of his favorite pastimes.

Franchising for Kids

These entrepreneurs are serious about their kid-friendly franchises.

A Perfect Fit

This jack-of-all-trades became a master of one: real estate.

Never Say Die

How a family beat the odds (and the weather) to improve a franchise

A Mom's Tale

Once upon a time, an enterprising mom saved a struggling franchise . . .

What's New 11/02

Going online means customers can do it all at this energy franchise.

Balloon Business Takes Off

With helium balloons, this Conwin Carbonic franchisee makes sculptures, centerpieces, bouquets...and a business.

Your Old Phones Can Help College Entrepreneurs

Donate your old wireless phones to RadioShack, and help out some enterprising students in return.

How Do I Write a Business Plan?

Behind every good business is a good business plan. Here are the 6 essentials.