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How to withdraw money from your business without putting it at risk?

The problem then is not that there is no money to give to the owners, the problem is that giving money to the owners becomes our last priority.

How much an hour of your time is worth. This formula helps you calculate it.

The result of this calculation may be the reason why your company is not growing that much.

How Would You Like Your Next Car to Be?

A company that UNDERSTANDS its customers is a winning company. Look at it this way, how many companies UNDERSTAND YOU? This exercise will help you understand it.

The Thank-You Card Theory

The pandemic has affected us all in one way or another. For businesses, customer service is more important today than ever.

Why do some companies survive the pandemic and others not? One word: 'Learnability'

It is the most important change or revolution in recent decades and it has to do precisely with these new information technologies that we use more and more often today.

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