Victoria Neal

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Knock, Knock

Who's there? Some grouchy employers--now lighten up!

Peanuts Lives On

Japanese cartoons.

Pick A Topic

. . any topic. And take it to the Web. Chances are, you'll be right on target.

The Big Chill

Outgrowing their trendy phase, smoothies are here to stay.

Rule The School

Membership-based college student discount program

Hawaiian Dreams

Bedding with an island theme

Take A Bike

Mountain bikes from Jeep

Get Your Shots

Grey Goose vodka

Shop Fooey

Cool Gen X shopping site

A Butt Above

Underwear entrepreneurs

Time Traveling

While everything else is new and improved, vacation spots are getting older and older.

Online Everything

Financial aid, Paris shopping, toilet paper--what can't you get on the Web?


Harry Potter, the movie; the death of pinball; ethnic cocktails; stock car cartoon; overweight consumers


Where are these entrepreneurs now?

Amped Up

Cigarette pack-sized amplifiers