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Are you ready to launch your Corporate Venturing program? 5 important points to keep in mind before doing it

Every day more companies decide to venture and look for formal ways to generate collaboration, in the search to accelerate the digital transformation, retain existing customers or attract new ones thanks to differentiating products and services.

Challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs during the pandemic

In the first five weeks of confinement, society and economies were digitized more than in the previous five years

The revolution of the Internet of Things, a world to discover

The business fabric in Latin America is strongly made up of traditional companies, but how to turn this reality around?
corporate venture capital

5 determining factors for a successful relationship between startups and corporations

Both corporations and startups seek sustainable and scalable collaborations.

Supporting Women Entrepreneurs Is Necessary for Economic Growth

Closing the gender gap in the startup and business world could add as much as $12 trillion to the global economy.

]The Promise Cycle Is Your Way Out of Uncertainty

Being an entrepreneur implies adapting to changes and having a flexible vision.

EdTech Startups Can Help You With One of Your Resolutions for the Year: Acquire New Skills and Competencies

Digital education platforms have gained ground year after year, in addition to being a global trend.
Prepare to Succeed

Digital Transformation Is Essential in the New Normal. Is Your Company Ready to Start It?

Some companies started early, while others have been overwhelmed and need to reinvent themselves.
Augmented Reality

Do You Need to Create New Shopping Experiences for Your Customers? Augmented Reality Can Help You.

This is a solution that allows adding digital elements to the real world, creating a new dimension where there is no pandemic. Are you already using it?