Yoke van Dam

Yoke van Dam

Managing Director: Y-Connect

Yoke van Dam is the Managing Director of www.y-connect.biz. She is an international trainer, a Behavioural Change Coach who trains on Emotional Intelligence for leaders and asks the question: What attitude, behaviour or skill is costing your business money?


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Is The Customer Always Right, Even If It Hurts Your Profits, Business And Staff?

Are you burning the candle at both ends and struggling to maintain a professional attitude in the face of challenging economic conditions? The health of your business – and yourself – might require you to take a step back.

Why Fight or Flight Mode Can Break Your Business

Whether you're launching, running or scaling a business, you'll have great days and terrible days. The life of a business owner is tough. Truly successful business owners are masters of their own emotions though. Because when you aren't, things will quickly start to derail.

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