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3 Simple Ways to Get Your Website Found on Google

These tools and strategies can help ensure that the site you've built for your business is found online by the biggest search engine on the planet.

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As long as you create a good-looking website with enjoyable, informative content, you should have swarms of people headed to your site in no time. Right?

Unfortunately, the ecosystem of the web isn't quite so generous. Millions of businesses with fantastic sites have come and gone simply because nobody ever knew they existed. The vast majority of people online rely on Google to discover new sites and if yours isn't discoverable there, it may never be found no matter how good your content or website design is.

GoDaddy ran a study using its website builder tool GoCentral which found that customers who used the built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tool received two-and-a-half times more traffic from Google than those who didn't use it.

So what steps can you take to make sure your website gets found on Google? SEO, the process of tweaking your site to be more visible in Google and other search engines, is complicated and multifaceted, and it's not possible to learn the entirety of it overnight. What you can do is learn the basics, and rely on a suite of tools to help you implement those basics as you build and market your website.

Here are three simple ways to get your website found on Google:

1. Ensure your site is SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly.

One of the first things you'll need to do is optimize your website for search engines. There's a lot to this strategy, but you can start by ensuring your site is mobile-optimized and structured in way that makes it easy for web crawlers to find. Mobile optimization is an often overlooked but particularly important component of any SEO campaign due to the ever-rising popularity of mobile device usage for internet browsing.

To check if your site is mobile-optimized, use Google's own mobile-friendly test tool. Or, if you're building a site from scratch, build it using a tool like GoDaddy's GoCentral website builder, which includes integrated SEO tools to ensure all your site's pages are mobile-friendly.

For example, it offers keyword recommendations you can use throughout your site, and easy editing tools so you can change the title tags and meta descriptions of your pages. In addition, GoCentral includes SSL security certificates for all sites (giving your URL "https" at the beginning), which in addition to increasing security, trust, and even conversion rates, is an important SEO ranking factor according to Google.

2. Conduct keyword research.

Relevance and authority are key elements to achieve if you want to rank higher in Google search results, but to achieve relevance, you need to target the right keywords and keyword phrases. Choosing strategic search terms that are high in search volume (the number of people searching for them) and low in competition (the number of companies trying to rank for them) is essential to SEO success.

For this, you can use Google's Keyword Planner Tool. With it, you can research your intended keywords and keyword phrases, and learn key pieces of information like search volume (the number of searches each term gets per month, on average), and competition. If you're new to the world of SEO, you may find the tool a bit hard to use—especially if you aren't sure which keywords to target in the first place.

Accordingly, it may be better to use a website builder like GoCentral, which gives users dynamic keyword recommendations for each page, so you can quickly and intuitively add the right keywords to your website as you build out its content.

3. Establish your business in Google.

Google also has a feature designed specifically for local businesses, giving them an instant platform for more visibility in searches: Google My Business. Through GoCentral, you can create a Google My Business listing, which will provide detailed information on your company for Google to use in Search and Map results, and enable you to respond to customer reviews.

Google My Business is imperative for local SEO, which applies to you if you have a brick-and-mortar store that serves a specific geographic location. It can help you promote your business's deals and special events.

If you have a grasp on the basics of SEO and a good strategy to dictate your content creation and ongoing management strategy, these tools can help any entrepreneur and any business climb the rankings in Google. The higher your rankings in Google, the more visibility and visitors you'll get, and the more revenue you'll be able to generate.

The common thread throughout these high-level strategies is the need for a tool that can help you at every stage of the SEO process, from keyword research to on-site optimization. That tool is GoDaddy's GoCentral Website Builder, which you can start using now for free.


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