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A Business Partner That Knows How to Help You Grow

When this Brooklyn-based startup needs printed materials that exceed expectations, it knows where to turn for help.

Laura Sills/EcoLogic Solutions

When EcoLogic Solutions was launched in 2005, the founding mission was clear: To manufacture, distribute, and sell the most environmentally preferable commercial cleaning products and technologies. That philosophy trickled into everything the company does, from delivery trucks that run on recycled restaurant grease, to an office furnished with reclaimed office furniture, to environmentally conscious marketing materials.

Over a decade later, Brooklyn, N.Y.-based EcoLogic Solutions has grown into a multi-million dollar business with a line of more than 100 sustainable cleaning products and a growing list of customers including restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals and more.

The company hasn't managed all this growth alone. Laura Sills, EcoLogic's operations and supply chain coordinator, says Staples has been a go-to partner for its print marketing needs. Staples Print and Marketing Services® offers everything from business cards and logo design, to marketing materials and signage, which is especially helpful for those attending trade shows and conventions.

Here are examples of how EcoLogic Solutions has worked with Staples to help grow its business while keeping its mission and customers top-of-mind.

Making a tradeshow truly memorable.

Last August, the EcoLogic team was scheduled to exhibit at an important industry trade show. They wanted to hand out a flyer to attendees offering a discount on an opening order. As with many great ideas, this one was finalized only days before the big event. Sills turned to Staples to help turn around these coupons on the fly.

"I placed the order online since I had the design already, and worked directly with a Staples store here in Brooklyn to tweak it a bit to ensure that the formatting was exactly how we needed it," Sills explains. "The store staff were patient and helpful, double checking that any cropping that was necessary was OK before sending anything to print."

The coupons were something tangible for potential customers to remember EcoLogic by. The look and quality were critical for helping to grow new business. "We were impressed with the quality and I was very impressed with how quickly I got the entire project done," Sills says.

Trade shows will be a priority for many companies this year. Seventy-one percent of business owners said they are likely to attend a trade show in 2017 as a vendor, a recent Staples Small Business Survey says.

Finding creative solutions at the right price.

As a maker of green cleaning products, EcoLogic can have specific requests of its business partners. When a new client, Chuck E. Cheese, needed new Safety Data binders and instructional posters for each of its restaurants across the U.S., Sills turned to Staples to create them—using environmentally friendly materials.

"My account rep was cognizant of that and gave me as many options as possible as far as paper material and ways to save on ink and money," Sills says. "We were previously laminating all of our instructional posters, which was not great material-wise or cost-wise, so he introduced me to a new tear-proof paper that I absolutely love the look of and the cost."

Ecologic has since switched all of its signage in customer locations to this new material, adding a "new level of professionalism" to their branding, Sills says. "Staples has helped us to be able to scale quickly and efficiently while improving our processes and saving money at the same time."

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